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      Thermomodernization of tenement house

      Thermal modernization and renovation of the building in the center of Warsaw, along with the work associated with the area of insulation: 2500m2,

      Scope of work:

      • Reflection of loose plaster,
      • Covering 90% of the facade thick Styrofoam. 10cm,
      • Covering 10% of the facade panels with mineral wool. 12cm,
      • Pinning polystyrene 8pcs / m2,
      • Pinning wool 8pcs / m2,
      • Covering the whole façade with fiberglass mesh

      PROSPECT participation in the investment: 100%

      Realization date: 30 days

      Value of Work: 300.000zł (gross)

      Insulation of the elevator shaft h = 42m

      The climbing works include a full-scale finishing works of the elevator shaft including insulation of exterior walls with mineral wool with a density ≥ 100 kg/m3, implementation of structure and flashings.

      The technology of elevator shaft insulation:

      • Mapetherm Wool glue,
      • Mineral wool with the density of 100kg/m3,
      • Mapenet 150 netting,
      • Mapetherm Wool glue,
      • Siexcolor Tonachino SP 1,5mm kolor RAL 1015 Plasterwork,
      • Implementation of the attic style,
      • Implementation of roofing with flashing and window sills.