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      Fire-retardant painting

      Protection of steel structures against fire is one of the most rigorously respected fire regulations. The owners and managers of building structures are responsible for this.

      Why is it worth using our fire-retardant painting services?

      • We have extensive technical knowledge in this field
      • We have valid licenses of the producer of the given fire protection systems
      • We have qualified and trained employees

      Our fire protection measures enable us to obtain fire resistance of the structure at the level of: R15, R30, R60, according to the category of corrosive aggressiveness PN-ISO 12944 part 2 from C1 to C5M.

      Fire protection systems create a flexible and mechanically durable coating that is resistant to:

      • moisture,
      • condensed water,
      • atmospheric factors (including industrial atmosphere).

      Intumescent paint is used to provide fire protection of steel structures (including galvanized surfaces) with open and closed profiles, used outside or inside buildings. It is part of a set which includes:

      • two-component epoxy anti-corrosive paint (used to make the base layer),
      • two-component polyurethane paint (used to make the topcoat).

      As a result, a durable coating is obtained that protects steel structures against fire.


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