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      Full-scale renovation of silos

      Full-scale renovation of silos, including replacement of steel structures and the testing of welds using magnetic-particle and bubble method.

      The scope of the renovation of silos included:

      • Dismantling of trapezoidal sheet metal claddings: 800m2,
      • Cleaning of the steel structure of the silo: 150m2,
      • Sandblasting of steel structure of the silos:150m2,
      • Painting of the steel structure of the silo (priming + topcoat): 150m2, (corrosion protection),
      • High pressure cleaning of the construction of silos: 1100m2,
      • Painting of the construction of silos (priming + topcoat): 1100m2,
      • Installation of trapezoidal steel claddings T-55 gr. 0,7 mm,
      • Installation of an illuminated logo on the facade of the building,
      • Installation of netting against birds: 490m2,
      • Measurement of the thickness of metal sheet seams of silos,
      • Quality test of the welds using vacuum and magnetic-particle method,
      • Elimination of leaks of welded joints.


      • Miechów (Małopolska Voivodeship),
      • Deadline: July 2012,
      • Lead time: 45 days,
      • Contract value: 364856,05 zł (gross)

      Description of the preparation grade of the surface:

      Gr 1 – manual and power tool cleaning

      Gr 2 – there are no oil, grease, dust, poorly adhering mill scale, rust, coating and deposit on the surface; surface exhibits a metallic luster.

      St 3 – requirements such as the ones for Gr 2, except that the surface should be cleaned, until the metallic luster becomes intensive(up from the metal substrate).

      A description of the painting materials:

      KOREPOX EH2350 is a two component paint, self priming, based on pure epoxy resin, forming a coating with an excellent resistance to sea water, oil, fuel and mechanical damage. It can be applied to both new steel and steel which is being renewed; it is only required to clean the loose rust and deposit; as a primer tolerating less prepared substrate. Cures at low temperatures, reduced up to -18 ° C and meets the requirements for High-Solid paints in the content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

      Product approved by: LLOYD’S REGISTER OF SHIPPING (LR) and GERMANISCHIER LLOYD (GL) as corrosion control coating. DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV, CE Marking), LLOYD’S REGISTER OF SHIPPING (LR) and KOREAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING (KR) as fire-resistant coating, NEW CASTLE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AGENT (UK) as a paint suitable for contact with food in grain containers. MARTINEK in NORWEY as a coating for ballast tanks. Systems based on KOREPOX EH2350 paint are in full compliance with the requirements of NORSOK M-501, issue 4, for system No. 7.

      KORETHAN TOPCOAT UT6581 is a fast drying, two-component polyurethane topcoat, which has very good resistance to splashing and wetting by acids, bases, solvents, salts and water. It forms a coating resistant to external weather conditions and to color change.

      13 February 2013

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