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      A professional technical evaluation of the chimney h-127,5

      A professional evaluation and technical assessment of the chimney h-127,5 basic range (detailed inspection) with development of renovation recommendation.

      The range of professional technical evaluation of the chimney included:

      • Inspection and inventory of the damages of the reinforced concrete chimney shaft with a graphical interpretation in the form of ‘a map’,
      • Sclerometer tests of the reinforced concrete chimney’s strength,
      • Visual assessment of the technical condition of the equipment (safety cages, ladders, installations),
      • As far as the dates and subject of these inspections are included in the Construction Law, the specific scope of testing are generally defined by specific rules or standards for different types of buildings.
      • Internal on-site inspection of flue pipe,
      • Evaluation of the technical condition of a chimney and development of the repair recommendations,

      Building inspections – legal aspects

      Each owner or operator (manager) of a building has a legal duty to maintain it in proper condition and to conduct periodic inspections of the technical condition.

      18 February 2013

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