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Snow removal from roofs – subsequent contracts signed

The intense snowfalls that took place a few days ago resulted in a real rush of requests for the removal of snow from the roof. As a result of many negotiations with a dozen or so entities,


Informujemy, że w dniu 07.04.2015r nastąpiła zmiana adresu oddziału w Wielkiej Brytanii obecny adres to:

Reconstruction of the sluice Łabędy in Gliwice

Implementation of the construction and finishing works including anticorrosion works during the reconstruction of the sluice Łabędy in Gliwice

Rope access sandblasting and painting of a crane

Renovation of anti-corrosion protection including sandblasting and painting steel structure with use of a set of epoxy-polyurethane paints.

New branch offices in Warsaw and Poznan.

We are pleased to announce that meeting the expectations of our customers, in order to facilitate contact with PROSPECT, we opened two new branch offices at the beginning of this year - in Warsaw at D

Contract with the Air Medical Services

Demolition of a 140m mast using blasting technique

Trwają negocjacje związane z wyborem wykonawcy przy realizacji zadania obejmującego demontaż konstrukcji masztu h140m wraz z infrastrukturą towarzyszącą.