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      A guide on how to prevent construction disasters?

      Regular technical inspections can significantly affect the safety of people using the building and even prevent serious accidents. According to the data of the Central Office of Construction Supervision, in 2012 there were 426 construction disasters, most of which were the result of random factors, such as the action of natural forces. The remaining 72 accidents were caused by negligence, 16 of which were caused by the poor technical condition of the facilities. Most, as many as 88 disasters, took place in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

      As many as 277 construction disasters in 2012 concerned roof structures, and 85 accidents were caused by ceiling structures. The roof is one of the most sensitive building elements, especially sensitive to various weather phenomena. Its monitoring is crucial, especially in the case of large-scale facilities that are used by many people. A properly conducted inspection should indicate not only the damage that directly threatens life and health, but also the smaller ones, which may turn out to be dangerous over time, but allow for further operation of the facility provided that they are repaired within a specified period. In addition, the review allows you to both prepare for the difficult weather period and assess the damage it has done to the facility, ”says Piotr Możwiło from Prospect.


      Maintaining the building in a proper condition, both visually and technically, rests with the owner or manager of the facility. This means that important building structures, such as flues and gas installations, must be inspected on a regular basis. They should be carried out at least annually. However, every five years, both the technical condition and suitability for use of the facility should be checked. These issues are legally regulated in Art. 62 of the Construction Law. Moreover, pursuant to Art. 61. of the Building Law Act, the owner or manager of the building is obliged to use the building in accordance with its intended use and environmental protection requirements, and to maintain it in a proper technical and aesthetic condition.

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      It is worth adding that periodic inspections may only be carried out by persons with qualifications in the appropriate type of specialization inspection. It should also be remembered that in the case of inspections of electrical, lightning or gas installations, they must be performed by a person with qualifications in the field of supervision over the operation of devices, installations as well as energy and gas networks. Smoke ducts and gravity exhaust and ventilation ducts can also be inspected by a chimney sweeper, in addition to qualified personnel. In the case of tall objects, such as chimneys, masts, due to the specificity of the work, you have to rely on the company providing this type of service.

      In recent years we have seen a decline in the number of construction disasters. The security of large-scale facilities is also increasing, as their administrators attach more and more importance to preventive technical inspections and ongoing monitoring of buildings. They also more often entrust technical inspections to professional companies with experienced specialists. The above-mentioned actions help to maintain the downward trend in the statistics on construction disasters, ”sums up Piotr Możwiło.

      The data used in the text comes from the report “Construction catastrophes 2012” prepared by the General Office of Construction Supervision.


      About PROSPECT

      Prospect is a company that carries out construction and anti-corrosion works with the use of professional mountaineering equipment throughout Poland. Prospect specializes in: snow removal and constant measurement of static loads on roofs; repair of roofing; annual and five-year technical inspections; anti-corrosion protection of steel and concrete structures; repairs of steel and reinforced concrete structures, assembly and disassembly of steel structures, technical expertise of chimneys, GSM towers and masts; installation and sale of bird protection systems; as well as painting halls, factories, flyovers, silos; warning painting of GSM towers and chimneys and fireproof painting. Prospect employees have medical examinations and training required by Polish law, authorizing them to work at heights, as well as a number of other qualifications necessary for the professional implementation of mountaineering services, and the company has equipment that enables work in the toughest conditions.


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