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      Winter maintenance Carrefour Polska Sp.zo.o.

      Winter maintenance Carrefour Polska Sp.zo.o. in whole Poland.

      The works were carried out on most of the objects in the entire Poland at the same time, in view of deteriorating weather conditions all objects have been cleared of snow up to 12 hours from the start of works.

      Works related with snow removal from roofs were conducted in a 24 hour mode without interfering with the operation of the stores, and the total number of people involved in the implementation of tasks in the climax reached 537 people.

      Work has been done preparation faultless acceptance protocol on all markets.

      Roof snow removal included:

      • Snow removal
      • Offset snow from the facade,
      • Snow removal from the shop,

      Technical data:

      • Total area: 2 22.323m2,
      • Static load: Qk 0.7 kN / m2,
      • Delivery time: up to 4 hours
      • Snow way: manual, mechanical,
      • Type of roof: flat, beveled,
      • Number of persons performing service: 537 in whole country,
      • Night work: YES
      • Snow removal from the shop: YES
      9 January 2014

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