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      Full-scale works associated with the renovation of the DN 1200 pipeline.

      Comprehensive work related with renovation of pipeline DN 1200 on crossing the river

      Scope of works includes:

      • Dismantling of damaged lagging,
      • Pipeline corrosion cleaning,
      • Double painting of the pipeline,
      • Pipeline insulation with 10cm thick mineral wool,
      • Installation of the 0.75 mm thick galvanized steel sheet on the insulation.
      • Cleaning of the surface of concrete supports,
      • Removing of defects in the supports and the bridgeheads,
      • Bonding of the layer of netting,
      • Applying the layer of plaster primer
      • Painting of the surface of the support structures
      • Dismantling of grating on the bridgeheads,
      • Fabrication and installation of new gratings with U-profile NP. 120mm and 30mm rebar,

      Participation of PROSPECT in the investment: 100%

      Lead time: 14 days

      Work value: 100.000 PLN

      11 August 2013

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