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      Dismantling of the light tower

      Climbing work including a full renovation of the steel structure of the old light tower with its reinforcement and corrosion protection.

      Scope of climbing works:

      • Cleaning of all gratings, improving welds and corrosion protection,
      • Dismantling of the higher safety cage structure,
      • Reinforcing the steel structure nodes connecting segments of the tower,
      • Dismantling the remains of the electrical installation and brackets,
      • Improving sheet metal weldings on the platforms and corrosion protection,
      • Welding a new sheet metal on the platforms,
      • Cleaning with total corrosion protection of steel structure,

      Lead time: 14 days,
      Total weight of the dismantled steel structure: 700 kg,
      Total weight of the steel structure: 400 kg,
      Paint system: KCC Paint,
      Target colour of the facility: RAL 7035

      11 February 2013

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