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Thermal insulation systems

Insulation of buildings fulfills its role only if it is done properly and diligently By combining the expertise knowledge of construction and non-invasive method of rope access, we guarantee perfect...

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Fireproof painting

Protection of steel structures against fire is one of the most rigorously respected fire regulations. It is the responsibility of the owners and managers of buildings to take care of...

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Warning painting

Warning painting includes appropriate marking of  high facilities as so-called aviation obstacles (in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 25 June 2003, Coll. Laws of 2003 No....

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Roof snow removal

Snow on the roofs of buildings  can constitute a lethal threat to people. Accident such as the ones in in Chorzow, Zabrze and Nidzica, in 2006, when series of roof...

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Building inspections

Building inspections must be performed with a frequency determined by the law, at least once a year (Article 1, paragraph 62 p. 1, 2, 5 of the Act "Construction Law"),...

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Roofing repair

The roof is an important part of all types of buildings. Aside from aesthetic appeal, it should effectively protect from weather phenomena  such as rain, snow, wind, sunlight or from...

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Climbing services

Climbing methods work perfectly for places impossible to reach directly or by means of traditional scaffolding. Working at height using rope access and climbing techniques is our specialty and main...

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Anti-corrosion protection

Advanced corrosion of steel structures and concrete can cause accidents  having unpredictable consequences. Therefore, it is worth to regularly protect structures against corrosion, in order to prevent them from critical condition....

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