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      How to prevent from accidents

      A regular technical inspection of buildings may significantly affect the safety of people who use these facilities, and even prevent from serious accidents. According to data provided by General Office of Building Control, in 2012, 426 construction disasters took place, most of which were caused by random factors such as for example forces of nature. The remaining 72 were a result of negligence and 16 of them were caused by bad technical condition of facilities. Most of them, as many as 88 accidents took place in the Mazowieckie voivodship.

      “As many as 277 construction disasters, which occurred in 2012, affected the roofing structures, in 85 cases the main cause were bad ceiling constructions. Roof is one of the most crucial elements of a building, it is particularly  sensitive to different weather phenomena. It is crucial to inspect it, especially in case of large facilities, as they are used by a large number of people. A conscientious technical inspection should reveal not only the damages which constitute a threat to life and health of people, but also the minor ones, which can sometimes turn out to be dangerous but allow further exploitation of facility, provided that they are to be repaired in appointed deadline. In addition, a technical inspection of a building  allows to both put it in proper condition for difficult  weather period and estimate damages which were caused by it.” – claims Piotr Możwiło from Prospect


      Maintaining a building in an adequate condition, both visual and technical is a responsibility of an owner or manager of a building.  It means that both of them are obliged to conduct a technical inspection of most crucial structures of the building such as: chimney-flues or a gas installations. They have to be done annually. These issues are standardized legally in article 62 of Building Law. Additionally, according to article 61,  the owner or manager of a building is required to use the building for its intended purpose and the requirements of environmental protection and keep it in proper technical and aesthetic condition.

      No can do without license

      It is worth noting that periodic inspections may be carried out only by people with adequate license.  A person conducting inspection of electrical, gas or lightning protection installations  must hold a license in range of supervision of the operation equipment, electrical grid and gas networks. Flue pipes and gravity ventilation ducts can be also controlled – except for those with appropriate permissions – by the master chimney sweep. In the case of objects such as tall chimneys, masts due to the nature of work one has to rely on the company providing this type of service.

      „In recent years we have observed a decline in the number of construction disasters. The safety of larger facilities also increases, because their administrators are paying more attention to the preventive technical inspections and regular monitoring of buildings. More often they also entrust the technical controls to professional firms which employ experienced specialists. The above-mentioned activities help to maintain a downward trend in statistics on building disasters” – sums up Peter Możwiło.

      The data used in the text derives from the report “Building Disaster 2012” prepared by the General Office of Building.



      Prospect is company implementing construction and corrosion protection with use of professional climbing equipment all over Poland. Prospect specializes in removing snow and continuous measurement of static loads on roofs, roofing repair, annual and five-year technical inspections;  anti-corrosion protection of steel and concrete, repair of steel and reinforced concrete structures, installation and dismantling of steel structures, technical expertise of chimneys, towers and GSM masts, mounting and sale of birds protection systems, as well as painting halls, factories, flyovers, silos,  warning painting of GSM towers and chimneys, and fire-proof paint. The employees of Prospect hold required by Polish law medical examination and training giving them the entitlement to work at heights, as well as a number of other certificates necessary for professional delivery of climbing services. The company has also an equipment base, allowing them to work in the toughest conditions.



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