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About us

We specialize in realization of tasks with use of climbing equipment. Due to which we are able to:

  • get to places which are hard to reach
  • reduce costs of works significantly
  • ensure safety for facilities and their surroundings

We are characterized by:

  • Expert knowledge from different fields  (anti-corrosion of steel and concrete,  fireproofing, renovation painting, roof snow removal, steel construction mounting, welding, thermal insulation, roofing renovation)
  • Extensive practice in realization of tasks of different complexity, in various conditions.
  • Over 10 years experience – we have been providing our services since 2004
  • well-trained stuff –  our workers regularly participate trainings; they have required qualifications and medical examinations.
  • wide range of our services – we realize jobs all over Poland, and, if needed, in other countries in Europe


we deliver our work earnestly and on time; we offer technical consulting and help with choosing the most cost-effective solutions


we care about safety of people and facilities we work with; we hold a liability insurance for an amount of 2 000 000 €


we offer a wide range of services at one place and complex realization of contracts